125 apprentices

As the 2nd Grande Ecole in France to offer apprenticeships, Brest Business School is committed to work-linked training, now [...]

22 double degrees

Simultaneously earn degrees from Brest Business School and one of our partner universities. International Partners

One incubator

The Produit en Bretagne incubator was created at Brest Business School in 2006.

33 business created

Via the Produit en Bretagne – BBS incubator, 31 start-ups have emerged since 2006, including Zéro Gâchis, Octopousse [...]

800 students educated

Brest Business School welcomes and educates more than 800 students from various backgrounds (internal, engineers, [...]


40.000 Graduates united by the France Business School Graduates’ Network: fBS Alumni


The history of Brest Business School began in 1962, when ESC Brest was founded. It has been known under other names, but has [...]