The French Grandes Ecoles

The “Grandes Écoles” are uniquely French institutions. Set up in the early nineteenth century in parallel with the university system, they are extremely selective and provide education to the very highest standards.

Six of the top ten Masters in Management programs in Europe come from French business schools, according to the “Financial Times” rankings. About two-thirds of the Managing Directors and Chief Executives of the top one hundred French companies are “Grandes Écoles“ graduates!


Employability and innovation

The objective of any training course is to acquire both technical and behavioural knowledge in order to succeed in a professional project. To achieve this objective, our School places employability and innovation at the heart of its educational approach. Each course program is designed to meet the anticipated market expectations and corporate needs. Companies are deeply involved in our school life through various commissions and steering committees. They take an active part in the design of courses and validate their suitability to market needs and corporate expectations.
With a team of full-time professors, the “Itinéraires” (Career Pathways) department is specifically dedicated to the reflection on our students’ professional projects, assisting, guiding and advising them about
Their future career and how to fulfil their professional project.

Business Incubator “Produit en Bretagne”

Our dedicated Business Center along with our Business Incubator “Produit en Bretagne” and our Corporate Relations Department provide special services to our Bachelor’s and Master’s students: personal consultations and guidance to help them enter the business world successfully upon or shortly after graduation.