Brest a maritime city

Brest is the 2nd-largest university in Brittany, Brest welcomes nearly 24,000 students per year, 10% of whom are international students enrolled in its university and its 7 Grandes Ecoles. Its diverse educational programs, excellent research initiatives, high-quality instruction, local job prospects, and unique environment make it a top destination for students.



Surrounded by the ocean, the Brest region is packed with beautiful natural sites and offers all kinds of sports and leisure activities linked to the sea. In light of its history as an important seaport, Brest is a welcoming city, open to the world and different cultures. It is also a cultural center with its numerous theaters and auditoriums; the Océanopolis aquarium; the Quartz, a nationally-renowned theater; not to mention the many summer festivals that take place all over Brittany.


Brest is engaged in an extensive urban development program: metropolitan facilities, economic structures, new housing areas, and urban renewal. In the same vein as the 2012 inauguration of the tramway and the renovation of the Plateau des Capucins area, a bold initiative is underway to open France’s first urban cable car system in Brest.


An urban center with a labor pool of more than 400,000 inhabitants, Brest is making itself known through its centers of excellence featuring world-class research, four competitiveness clusters, high-tech companies, and some of the leading names in industry. Brest is among the 14 cities in France which have earned the new status of métropole. Its international focus is evident in the excellence of its offerings in marine sciences and technologies, naval construction and repair, digital technology, food and life sciences, the higher service sector, and financial engineering.

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