Vannes & gulf of Morbihan

Vannes is a historic town, the former seat of the Parliament of Brittany, and has kept alive the most important vestiges of its rich past. The ramparts and their wash-houses at the edge of the moat, the Cathedral, and museums like the Cohue Fine Arts Museum all stand alongside flower gardens.


Thanks to its privileged location in the Gulf of Morbihan, Vannes enjoys a central and strategic position. Easily accessible from the major cities of the region as well as Paris, it is the home port for many developing companies and the choice location for future-minded entrepreneurs.


As the third university town in Brittany, with nearly 8,000 students, Vannes is home to the University of South Brittany, the ENSIBS engineering school, the ICAM professional institute, and now, the Vannes Business School. The city and its urban community are currently experiencing strong economic growth, counting over 57,000 jobs.


Vannes is bordered to the south by the Gulf of Morbihan, which means “little sea” in the Breton language. This 12,000-hectare Atlantic basin is dotted with approximately 40 islands; some, like the Île d’Arz and Île aux Moines, are inhabited. The Gulf of Morbihan is a unique place where the land and sea intermingle within changing landscapes, and is part of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.

To learn more, visit Mairie de Vannes (in english)